Ring.cx and a client for UT

  • Hello,

    how about getting Ring (https://ring.cx) integrated into UT?

    I believe it fits nicely into the idea of freedom in and around UT.


  • looks nice. it's something like matrix, isn't it?

  • I did not know of matrix. After going over it, it seems so.

    EDIT: the thing I noticed and I do not have an idea on how much it affects people. The license for Matrix is the Apache License 2. Whereas Ring is under GPL v3.

  • As far as I understand Matrix goes in direction of e.g. Mattermost but maybe with a more open approach to different types of communication.
    Whereas Ring is more like Skype or Telegram.

    But this is rather a gut feeling then a well researched finding.

  • Here is my comment from the telegram group:

    [In reply to twinkybot]
    has anyone tested ring lately with SIP? I tried it about 2 years ago and tried to make it work for business but I recall there were some SIP issues.... I really liked the general idea of it. Currently I'm using jitsi as software as well as jitsi meet for most stuff but it would be awesome to integrate something like this into the OS itself. I've been saying this for years with a few friends. In addition, having Retroshare built into Ubuntu would have been awesome... something like that. But at least something that has secure VOIP and SIP out of the box would be awesome and make perfect sense for a mobile OS....


    In summary, we really need SIP to work somehow, as well as a truly secure chat app. There are some debates about Telegram and security so if this is the case we need to at least make sure a truly secure option is available pretty much at the point of install, in my opinion. I believe that security should be built right into the default operation of the OS and anything less that optimum for security should alert you with scary notifications and make you CHOOSE to install it and make sure you understand it isn't optimum. We discussed this on the audiocast....

  • Just to mention a small group of developers is just now looking into implementing a Linphone App which will provide basic SIP support.


  • Linphone is 'ok' from what I recall but it seems maybe worth it to work on a more robust solution. The ones that topped my chart for SIP were: Twinkle, Jitsi (best - except doesn't install friendly nowadays I heard), RING...

  • I tried Ring recently and the chat messages were no that fast and the teleophny didn't work. To be honest I tried it only for couple minutes. I seems the P2P networks takes a bit to find a good route as far as I understood.

    I will try again and report back.

  • Now I had the chance to try again.
    I am right now on a Mac and the client is still a bit buggy. But after understanding when it crashes one can easily avoid it.

    The call quality is okay. First of all the voice is clear without any garble but it is not insync with the video. The quality of the video is mediocre. As if you are on a low bandwith. All in all thorught an half an hour session stable.

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