Why Keep Ubuntu Store

  • If the Ubuntu Store is "Unsupported" and the Open Store has the apps, then is there still a need to have that large icon sitting there?

  • @joe Well there are still apps you can't install from the Open Store like Extremetuxracer or Neverball/Neverputt. Someone should upload those to the Open Store and then it can go away :). Anyway, I believe that removing the icon would not hurt - people would still be able to enable the store scope and swipe to it if enabled.

  • I must admit that there are a few apps in the Ubuntu Store that are not in the Open Store as yet. The hope is that over time that all from the one will be in the other. Then there will be no need for the big Ubuntu Store icon.

    I must admit that I do like the look and feel of the Open Store, it is very clean and crisp, good work.

  • Only yesterday I visited the Ubuntu Store and downloaded a few apps. One I find great is the facebook app in there. It is so much better than the face book basic option in the Open Store. We really need to get all the apps in the Ubuntu Store over to the Open Store.

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