Nexus 5 builds doesn't let me share files and use Hangups

  • Hello and really thanks for all of these, i use ubuntu based Os(es) on my pcs for a long time, and i really want to use Ubuntu Touch as my daily driver. My problem is i can't send files with any apps i install, neither via share menu nor via gallery app.

    i have tried several telegram variants, browser, email app, didn't work.

    Also i can't run Hangups, it installs fine but doesn't work. it gives several pop ups of errors.

    i joined Ubuntu Apps Developers and Ubuntu Touch Porters groups on telegram to ask about this and people suggested that i can't use these because of lacking apparmor profiles.

    I used every possible channel, even the new ones (devel-rc-proposed, devel-stable).

    i am an ordinary end user, i can flash roms, systems but i can't code. Can someone please help me about this issue?

    Thanks again 🙂

    mentions: @mariogrip @bgriffis (because i know you guys know about these things.) 🙂

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    This is an known issue with the Nexus 5 build, I expect it to get fixed pretty soon.

  • hey thanks 🙂

    and i also just saw we now have Nexus section? 🙂


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