Update channels – Release Candidate

  • Today whilst looking at my “Update” settings I clicked on “Channel Settings”, in this I had Stable ticked.

    I changed the settings to “Release Candidate” and returned back to the updates screen. Version 6 started to download. I stopped it as the last stable version I downloaded was version 2.

    I know that there are risks involved in downloading Release Candidate and development build, but is it right that versions 3 to 5 are missed out and the Release Candidate version to download is version 6?

  • @UKPhil Version 6 is RC and version 35 is devel, at the moment,,on my pro5

  • @Marathon2422 Thanks for that. I was just not too sure as it went from 2 to release 6. Is release 6 working OK on your system?

  • Dekko 2 doesn't like my pro5.
    I have been going through trying everthing I can think of on r/c and now on devel,all seems smooth,so far.
    I do not have a sim card in it, so I cant help there.

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