uninstall scopes/apps

  • Well i am having some issues with uninstalling an app, while some scopes stoped working after latest OTA update plus i want to remove some old scopes that were on the phone when i bought it but i can't find a simple way to do that.

    1- I did install Indicator Torch which didn't work fine, so i did uninstall it from openstore, but i keep seeing the indicator in the notification part as nfsprodriver-indicator-torch.

    My question is how can i get rid of that?

    2- How can i uninstall some scopes like ebay, Amazon, yahoo finance?

    3- I had reddit scope installed but after the last update it stopped working for unknown reason, any idea why? and it seems i can't uninstall it also.

    I have tried the old ubuntu store and openstore and both can't find those scopes so no way to click uninstall.

  • @bq4.5 You can try this app https://open.uappexplorer.com/app/ut-tweak-tool.sverzegnassi. If you select "Apps Scopes" from the top left hamburger menu you get a list of all click packages installed on your phone - tap on any and click the top right trash bin button to remove it.

  • UT tweak doesn't see the scopes i want to remove also, and that icon in notification bar is still there, even i did install the app again and deleted it by ut tweak, still there. thanks though for the help

  • @bq4.5 Hmm, that's very odd as I've often used UT Tweak Tool to remove eBay, Amazon and other scopes when I was still on Canonical images. Unfortunately I have no idea about the torch :/ - but I would consider writing the author of that indicator in case there is an easy fix.

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