Aquaris BQ M10 FHD - OTA 2

  • Hi all,
    last day (1 october) i have installed the UBports on my tablet BQ M10 FHD using the 'ubports-installer' and everything was simple an correct.
    Now i'm on 'STABLE' channel and checking for updates (with the system setting) no updates are found. On System settings i have: "Ubuntu 15.05(r2)"
    Maybe OTA 2 was already installed in the image file installed ?
    I must switch the channel to 'RC' to get it (or wait that will be moved on it) ?
    If OTA 2 was already present in the installed image, the 'long boot time bug' remain again...
    Thanks !

  • I had the same when I moved my M10 and E5 over to UBPorts. In the settings mine says (r2) which I am lead to believe is the OTA 2. It would be good though if the next release did change it from R3 (as will be) to OTA3.

  • @UKPhil
    Yes you are right. There should be one clear line and not different names.
    OTA = Over-The-Air
    R = I guess it means Release

  • I have upgrated my M10 before the OTA2/r2 release and the settings were displaying r1. Now (after updating) I have r2. So it seems that there's no problem as you are running OTA2/r2 too.

  • Thanks @UKPhil , @WLBI , @RedXXIII for your responses.
    I can summarize that having "Ubuntu 15.05(r2)" means that OTA 2 is already installed (like in my case).
    If is true, i think that bug marked as 'fix released' (in OTA 2 i suppose) should be re-opened (my tablet take 3 minutes to boot).

  • @fulvio I am on the rc channel and I can confirm that the fox has already landed there. So it will be in OTA-3 for sure.

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