NEXUS 10 Dualboot Ubports image with existing Android?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to figure out how I can dualboot my Nexus 10 with an image from Ubports

    I currently have a dualboot through Canonical's Dualboot Installer app in Android, running a very old an discontinued version of Ubuntu Touch (April 2015 i think) as described here:

    learning about Ubports' efforts to make a working Nexus 10 image, i wanted to have a looksee 🙂

    The abovementioned site describes a way to use a custom image server (in this case Ubports' server) but i can't get it to work.
    This is my preferred way, because it preserves my current Android installation.

    so my question is:

    Can anyone help me with the right way to point to Ubports' server, or tell me about better ways to dualboot (and preferrably keep my Android setup intact)?

    This is what i did up to now:
    I took the server location from Ubports' install script:
    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable --device=manta --bootstrap

    and pasted it into the command found on the wiki:
    adb shell "su sh 'cd /data/data/com.canonical.ubuntu.installer/files/ && echo $CUSTOM_SERVER_URL > custom_server && chmod 777 custom_server'"

    adb shell "su sh 'cd /data/data/com.canonical.ubuntu.installer/files/ && echo $ > custom_server && chmod 777 custom_server'"

    the custom_server file is created, but the installer doesn't give me any new channels to install.
    Am I just missing some things, or am I just embarrassing myself here?

  • Hi Yougo,

    I am trying ubports dualboot myself right now. Try this one instead of your Terminal command:

    • ctrl+alt+t
    • gedit .bashrc
      export CUSTOM_SERVER_URL=
    • ctrl+d
    • ctrl+alt+t
    • adb shell "su sh 'cd /data/data/com.canonical.ubuntu.installer/files/ && echo $CUSTOM_SERVER_URL > custom_server && chmod 777 custom_server'"

    I am right now making a test myself.

  • I used channel:
    devel-proposed - Follows Ubuntu's devel-proposed channel with testing Ubports android images

    to be on more current version and now I have instead of ubuntu touch 15.04:
    but has bootloop 😞

    Then I used channel:
    rc-proposed - Follows Ubuntu's rc-proposed channel

    And I got:
    manta=20160126 with version=235
    Looping again 😞

    Now for channel:
    stable - Follows ubuntu's offical stable channel

    And I got:
    manta=20160126 with version=7
    Looping again 😞

    So I am stuck with Android and Ubuntu Touch 15.04...

  • The dualboot part is working as far as i can see. The problem is the image for nexus 10. it is broken, and even though it still churns out versions, it just does not get fixed. Somehow nobody wants to try and fix this. Fine, maybe it's just too broken to bother, but then at least be honest and remove that 90% functionality from the website.

    At least you gave a means to dualboot a device with an ubports image, which is something. Thanks for your effort.


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