Issues porting OnePlus1

  • @wdehoog When the output of 'adb devices' says unauthorized, that simply means that you need to authorize your computer to access the device. There should be a prompt on the device to that effect.
    If the prompt does not appear, you might have to disable developer mode on the device and then reenable it while the device is connected to your computer.

  • @arubislander Thanks.

    Believe me I have tried. When booting in android I have adb acces. In recovery (TWRP 3 multirom) not.

    Besides this is not a big issue for me. I manage quite well with android and sailfish.

  • I have some good news, I have been able to install UBPorts on the OnePlus One that I have been able to get my hands on. It is nice and the phone seems to be operating very smooth. I did like the bigger than normal UBPorts robot on the phone screen while the OS was installing. However, to me the os in general seems a little bit small on the screen and I find myself squinting sometimes. I just wonder how people with sight issues will get on.

    When you turn it on, it still says powered by Android though, which is a shame as this stays on the screen for a minute (or so). It would be great if this could be changed to powered by Ubuntu Touch or UBPorts.

    To install the Touch OS I got the phone into “Fastboot” and tried with the Magic Device Tool. This detected the device, but then just sat there on the “Waiting for device” line. I know some will say that I should of left it to do its thing, but it was about 40 minutes and nothing was happening. If we should wait longer there needs to be messages coming up or other wanabe users will think it is stuck at this point. I then tried UBPorts Installer and this did not work either, it could not detect the device and I could not select it when trying to search for it manually. I tried all the usb ports on my laptop, but still the phone could not be detected.

    So in the end I went to the UBPorts Devices website and installed it via the server image commands. This did not take too long at all and now I have a nice new clean copy of UBPorts on my OnePlus One.

  • Not sure if this is still an issue for users but I simply used the CPT method and everything worked. For some reason I also got the same issue as the OP even though I followed all the install instructions it still didn't detect the device. I then used the alternative install and everything worked fine. My phone was already rooted and had TWRP installed so that may be why I experienced the issue. Hope that helps!

  • I had this issue, it turned out to be the adb driver.
    I tried about 6 or 7 different adb drivers until I got one that worked.
    I should have made a note of which one but I am sorry I did not.
    If I find it in my downloads on my main PC I will update you here, but you should at least just start trying various adb drivers.

  • I used the UBports installer on my OPO. It didn't recognize the phone initially. I chose manual selection of the phone and everything went swimmingly.

  • @BrisPete same with mine. I have only had success using the UBPorts installer with my E5. The M10 and the OnePlus One both needed me to install manually via the server image.

  • @UKPhil The UBports installer worked well for me, although it's didn't select the device until I selected to select it manually.

  • @BrisPete I think this may come down to luck on the day and how the technology Gods are feeling 😉

  • @UKPhil I imagine so.

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