UBports Community Update 15 | October 28, 2017

  • t's time for another Community Update! These are livestreams where UBports developers come together to answer your questions and chatter about the recent project news.

    Episode 15 of the UBports Community Update will be live this Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 1800 UTC. You can find the countdown and stream on the Youtube event page.

    Please feel free to ask questions in this thread and we'll try our best to answer them!

    Here are some things we won't answer, though:

    • The status of bugs
    • Any question (or permutation of a question) in our FAQ

    We'll see you when we're live!

  • Looking forward to the next Community Update!

    Could you guys elaborate a bit on the new 2500$ goal on https://www.patreon.com/ubports please? What is meant by "covering expenses of the growing crew"? Did you consider paying another full-time or part-time developer (setting this up as a further goal)?

    Pensez-vous approfondir le mode convergence et ameliorer les applications existantes car par exemple libre office ne fonctionne pas, il démarre puis s'éteind? 😥

    Do you think deepen the convergence mode and improve the existing applications because for example free office does not work, it starts then goes out? 😥

  • Could you please address the WPA2 security issue. Thanks


  • What are the plan to handle security issues, such as BlueBorne and KRACK we have currently, and others in the future?

  • I have 3 questions:

    • I learned that the beefy arm64 server you need for development is sponsored by a company. Does this mean that your second patreon goal has no assignment? Wouldn't it be helpful to correct the second goal and maybe also to be more explicit about third one?
    • The old Ubuntu Touch services seem to die one by one. Some time ago it was weather app. Are you guys looking into this? I mean proactive measures could bhave been helpful or at least finding out in time what services risk dying next and maybe get in touch with the right persons in time would be a not so bad idea.
    • I like the convergence idea and I like to hear that actually some people seem to have positive experience with it. Is there any reason why you still need to drop to shell and install from server X in order to get hold of it? I am not saying that I cannot do that. I am saying I do not want to be forced to do that. Why the heck not put it in openstore?

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