need antivirus, antispyware, and a firewall

  • Hello Everyone,

    I recently purchased a Dell laptop with Ubuntu. I was wondering whether I need antivirus, antispyware, and a firewall. I am brand new to Ubuntu, and would appreciate information for a novice.

    Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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  • From readong your post this seems more of a Ubuntu forum question rather than a UBPorts question as you specifically mention a dell. I use Ubuntu at home and when I asked about this in the past I was told that I do not need an antivirus and Ubuntu has its own built in firewall.I believe this to be the case with UBPorts too but in the OpenStore there is a tool that you can download called Antivirus. This has an antivirus and firewall gui.

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    Hi, for desktop antivirus not needed as Linux is based on modular architecture. You can receive virus pherhaps with some attachment but it will not do nothing. He can not install by his own self. You would have to allow as a root and it would have to be designed for Linux. It is also important to download apps only from official App Store and update when available new patches.
    Regarding firewall, yes it is implemented, you just have to activate it by a command in terminal or download the ufw app from the app center and activate it. And of course the best protection is also to think before you do something unusual. Especially connected to public WiFi, ...
    For more accurate details visit Ubuntu support or wiki page:

    Regarding Antivirus app for Ubuntu Touch for smartphones, I am not convinced it does something, if it is not more like some spy app. I do not recommend installing that.

  • @Johneames
    if you want, you can install "clam av"
    on a laptop or pc
    clam av howto

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