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  • RE: Ubuntu Touch Photography

    Hi, no need to repost the entire message.
    You can use the 3 vertical dots to open a menu an choose "Edit" to modify your previous post.
    You can also delete the obsolete one using the same menu.

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  • RE: Wire for messaging

    Well the OPO is pretty well supported, and I think taking a photo should work.

    But dealing here with old devices, mostly used ones there are some hardware issues that can appear with time.
    In my case the installation was flawless and I expected it to be no that easy. But yeah sometimes there are issues with the host computer, with cables, ...

    Yes predictive text is not very good, that's something we are aware of but the foundation lacks resources to fix it soon, so it's up to a volunteer to accept this challenge.

    Sorry you have a bad experience.

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  • RE: Wire for messaging

    I'm sorry you found so many roadblocks.

    The problem you mentioned with the webapp or the browser all came from the website, not from UT. An OS cannot fix all websites' issues.
    Convergence is not something UT can force to third party. The app has to be built towards convergence to work.

    Freeing oneself is not an easy task and compromises have to be done.
    Try explaining what are the issues you have and we can try and help you out.

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  • RE: Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!

    Hi @LDovic and welcome.
    I think @libremax covered it.

    If yo need help developing an app, you can post a question in the app development category or you can join the group on telegram.

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  • UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta will support manual downloads and more fastboot flash flags

    Hey all, just wanted to give you a heads up that UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta is now in prerelease stage and it includes some stuff i know some of you have been waiting for. If your port needs to flash files that we can't re-host or download automatically, you can use the new manual_download step to have the user download something for the installer to work with afterwards. If your fastboot flash needs some of the new-fangled cli flags like --disable-verity or --disable-verification, the new flags array on the files object has got you covered. Use caution with these, don't be lazy 😉

    You can find more information on the release page. Also see the call for testing.

    Let me know if we need anything else to make your port work with the installer, or if you have any other thoughts how i could make your lives as porters more enjoyable.

    Cheers, and happy hacking!

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  • Call for Testing UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta

    Y'all know the drill, UBports Installer 0.5.6-beta needs your love! A snap package can be installed by running snap install ubports-installer --beta on any Linux distribution. Other packages are available on the release page.

    You can help us test this release on UBports OPEN-CUTS.

    Release notes

    This release adds support for additional configuration options when flashing fastboot images, such as --disable-verity (#1459). MacOS users can now quit the UBports Installer by pressing Cmd+Q (#1047). A bug has been fixed that prevented the installer from reading absolute paths to config files (#1320) using the -f option. A new step manual_download has been added, to support downloading files with licensing restrictions that make it impossible to re-host them on our own servers for automatic downloading (#1456).

    Experimental automatic reporting

    Experimental automatic reporting has been added recently. Please check the instructions here to learn more.


    7 changed files, 150 additions, 51 deletions

    • @NeoTheThird Quit on macos, fixes #1047 86a4d8e
    • @NeoTheThird Implement additional fastboot flags, resolves #1459 71d46f7
    • @NeoTheThird Support both absolute and relative paths, fix #1320 11575a6
    • @NeoTheThird Add manual_download step, resolves #1456 055706d

    Notes for Developers

    manual_download step

    The manual_download configuration step has the following structure:

              "type": "manual_download",
              "condition": {"var": "bootstrap", "value": true},
              "group": "firmware",
              "file": {
                "name": "package.json",
                "url": "",
                "checksum": {
                  "sum": "907f030a2e37c99dc8b0cfbf42f95213ef95b2e6714900ec002b213fad4672a6",
                  "algorithm": "sha256"

    fastboot flash flags

    Additional flags for fastboot flash can be set in the fastboot:flash action for every file individually. The raw option tells the installer to use the fastboot flash:raw command rather than fastboot flash. The flags option takes in an array with additional flags. Use caution when selecting these flags. Make sure you actually need them; don't just add everything. If you're using flags, do so because it's the only option to make it work.

              "type": "fastboot:flash",
              "condition": {"var": "bootstrap", "value": true},
              "flash": [
                  "partition": "boot",
                  "file": "halium-unlocked-recovery_dora.img",
                  "group": "firmware",
                  "raw": true
                  "partition": "recovery",
                  "file": "halium-unlocked-recovery_dora.img",
                  "group": "firmware",
                  "flags": ["--disable-verity", "--disable-verification", "--force"]
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  • RE: Improve system settings disk usage analyzer

    Thanks, I also love the last option with colored check boxes and the expandable list.

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  • RE: Ubuntu Touch for RCA Viking Pro 10

    Hi this model is not supported yet.
    A port is probably possible, but someone has to do the heavy lifting.

    And if you want to have a go at porting a device have a look there:
    And there

    P.S. I moved this thread to the Off Topic category as it is not really about the OS.

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  • RE: Translation in Aynu language on UT

    @silvertine said in Translation in Aynu language on UT:

    @joe To an itak ku=sinuma ku=itak easkay. Naa e=eramiskari ya? To an pe inkar yan.

    Wow. So curious. Any recommendations on where to start with learning Ainu?

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