[closed] Switch incoming call to silent

  • Actually there are three things I can do when there's an incoming call:

    • accept phone call
    • refuse phone call
    • refuse call and send message

    I found it usefull on my older phones that there was a button to switch the phone in silent mode only for this incoming call. Is there a way to stop the ringtone when there's an incoming call?
    Maybe this could be a nice feature for future releases?

  • It sure sounds like it could be a feature that would be useful in certain situations for some people. I usually just reject the call. However, if you go to github you could log this as a new feature and hopefully it will be added to a future release.

  • I do use this feature very often with my BQ E5. I just push the power button. I causes two things :

    • switch off the screen
    • Turn off the incoming call ringtone

    If I push the button a second time my screen switch on and I still can see my incoming call. I can answer or reject it if I want to. In the end the incoming call stops and I have a missing call in my call log.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi RedXXIII,

    I've tested your advise and it works on my E4.5 too. Thanks for that.

  • You're welcome 🙂

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