One plus One wake up issue

  • On my OnePlus One when I press the power button to wake the phone screen up, nothing happens. I have to then top the phone screen itself to wake it up. So there is a double action to wake the phone up. Is this a setting that I have set on or is it a known issue?

  • I have seen this same issue with the UBPorts version of Ubuntu Touch on N4 and N5 devices. For me, what works is to hit the power button and then one of the volume buttons. For some reason, that wakes them up every time.

  • At least I knew w that it is not just my phone that is behaving like this. It could be classed as a bit of a cool security procedure to stop the screen from powering on, but currently it is more of a pain at the moment. I think it is time to visit GitHub again.

  • I have logged this as issue

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