• @UKPhil It took me three attempts and restarts for it to work for me the channel kept swapping back to stable. Once the channel did change it downloaded straight away.

  • I didn't have any problem, just switched to RC updated to 7 and yesterday checked manually for update and got 8.

    I still don't know what did change or get updated though.

  • yea sometimes the update seems to stock.?i am currently also on rc7...and i recognized by an other bq4.5 which is on the stable chanel, that st2 comes about one month delayed...

  • I have just changed to rc and after a few attempts I still cannot download it. I will keep on trying but it does look like iy has got stuck, at least for me.

  • @UKPhil I have now moved to the development channel on my Bq 5 All seems fine. You could give that a go.
    Maybe the RC channel on the Bq is inline with the stable channel at the moment so there are no updates.

  • This is trying to get it on the OnePlus One. I have thought about doing it on the M10 though too.

  • @UKPhil Just put the m10 onto RC channel, all went OK hard to see what changed. Keyboard looks larger? Will continue to play. When I changed the channel to RC and moved back a page it still said the channel was on stable, then back to download page and the download was ready to go.

  • I have noticed that if you vhamgeto rc and the go back it says syablr again. I did yhe OnePlus.Oneall OK, but the M10 will now even show the rc channel so I can change it.

  • Jumped from r8 to r11 today, haven't tested it yet, hopefully i can notice changes.

  • More updates today and the the m10 on RC channel is now really working smoothly and quick. Going to try nexus 5 and bq5 next. Well done to all involved for the continuing time and effort.

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