Nexus 5 WiFi/Bluetooth Issues

  • Hello,

    I am running UT 15.04 on a Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) and I am trying to start doing some kernel development (I want to get gadgetfs working properly) however I am running into some issues that I'd like to resolve before going further.

    I have installed a custom kernel which I built from the following repository (branch ubp-5.1):

    I have built the kernel (no modifications) with the cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig config options and successfully crafted a boot image to run on my target device.

    However, when I boot into my new kernel, bluetooth and WiFi no longer work and I see that no drivers are loaded when I run lsmod.

    Presumably there is some configuration option that I am missing in my kernel, has anyone experienced this or can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I believe that this is relevant to the error that I am getting:

    [   92.381860] SMSM: Modem SMSM state changed to SMSM_RESET.
    [   92.382434] Fatal error on the modem.
    [   92.382898] modem subsystem failure reason: dog.c:1495:Watchdog detects stalled initialization.
    [   92.383360] subsys-restart: subsystem_restart_dev(): Restart sequence requested for modem, restart_level = RELATED.
    [   92.383581] Notify: start reset
    [   92.385078] subsys-restart: subsystem_shutdown(): [ed51cc00]: Shutting down modem
    [   92.490177] pil-q6v5-mss fc880000.qcom,mss: Port f01c6200 halt timeout
    [   92.599787] pil-q6v5-mss fc880000.qcom,mss: Port f01c6280 halt timeout
    [   92.601371] smem_find(22, 40): wrong size 88
    [   92.601740] smem_find(22, 40): wrong size 88
    [   92.717946] modem_notifier_cb: sysmon_send_event error -38
    [   92.718155] M-Notify: General: 4
    [   92.719237] subsys-restart: subsystem_powerup(): [ed51cc00]: Powering up modem
    [   92.804105] pil-q6v5-mss fc880000.qcom,mss: mba: Brought out of reset
    [   93.399633] smd_pkt_open: wait on smd_pkt_dev id:0 allocation failed rc:-110
    [   93.588222] pil-q6v5-mss fc880000.qcom,mss: modem: Brought out of reset
    [   93.651109] Notify: smsm init
    [   93.688363] subsys-restart: subsys_err_ready_intr_handler(): Error ready interrupt occured for modem
    [   93.689118] subsys-restart: subsystem_restart_wq_func(): [ed51cc00]: Restart sequence for modem completed.


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    Can you check to see if any modules are loaded with the normal kernel? We don't package and ship many modules, the kernel is supposed to be pretty self-contained on Ubuntu Touch.

  • With the vanilla kernel included with the install (or when I set TARGET_KERNEL_UBUNTU := true in the file) has the following module loaded:


    When I compile my own kernel, there are no modules that show up when I run lsmod.

  • @altr0n Looking at this:
    bcmdhd is being built as a module. Can you confirm that it is being built? Maybe it's just not being installed. How exactly did you "craft" the boot image?

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