(Solved) Unable to setup an account with google two-factor-authentication in Dekko 2.

  • It is not possible to setup an account with google two-factor-authentication in Dekko 2. It is just not recognized in the authentication process.

  • @tihoto I think there is away of allowing similar so called 'untrusted' apps to be given the ok. You need to access yiyr Google account settings on another machine or phone and change the setting there. I've only done it once so can't remember exactly how to do it.
    Google also blocked Thunderbird mail and one other, might have been Dekko 2 also. After changing the settings I've had no issues. Google will say this is for your security as always. Maybe its because they don't gave the access they want.

  • @Lakota Thank you very much. It is working now.

  • I know the OP said they had resoled this on their own, but for public sake i wanted to document the process:

    So the way to circumvent this while retaining 2FA on your account is to generate Application Passwords which allow access without triggering the TOTP dance.


    Once you've generated the app password and entered it into your app (Dekko, Thunderbird, Etc.) you should have the same browser login experience with 2FA, and your apps should be able to function securely. Note: that those app passwords are scoped to the entirety of your google account and should be protected just like any other account password.

    Best of luck, cheers

  • Great response. Thank you guys. All works now.

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