UBports Community Update 16 | November 11th, 2017

  • It's time for another Community Update! These are livestreams where UBports developers come together to answer your questions and chatter about the recent project news.

    Episode 16 of the UBports Community Update will be live this Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 1800 UTC. You can find the countdown and stream on the YouTube event page.

    Please feel free to ask questions in this thread and we'll try our best to answer them!

    Here are some things we won't answer, though:

    • The status of bugs
    • Any question (or permutation of a question) in our FAQ

    We'll see you when we're live!

  • @Flohack If the entry point to Xenial is €500+ we will have a 50:50 split between Vivid/Xenial. There will be disagreement and duplication. If the figure is sub €200 we will have a 5:95 split and Vivid can be dropped without a guilty conscience. Discuss…
    This is an uncomfortable subject but we need strategic thinking now. A cheap phone cannot be promised but e.g. server time and advice towards one selected device could improve the likelihood that one will be available.
    A small community cannot do 'everything'.

  • Some time ago you said in community update that Meizu Pro 5 would get Xenial. But it has still not been added to core devices list. Also recently one of Halium developer stated on Ubports' Telegram that Pro 5 is not going to get Halium support. What's the status now - are you (Ubports developers) going to port Pro 5 to Halium one day or it will be left out from the Xenial train?

  • @Mitu it will get Xenial, as promised by Ubports, but whether if gets Halium ???

  • I am with lioneldb. I would like to see Xenial come to reasonably priced phones. I noted on Telegram that I can get a Meizu Pro 5 for about £195 on eBay but a comparably-spec'd HTC 10 would set me back over £400 which is out of my budget for the time being. Would be nice therefore to get a clear idea of what Halium devices with Xenial have over non-Halium devices with Xenial. I may get a Halium device in several years after I get a better job and have had a good time with an MP5 for a few years, so there's that.

    I also raised the question on Telegram last night:
    "Not to in any way sound greedy, but have you guys discussed the possibility of offering "techy" rewards on Patreon? Stickers and T-shirts are great, but this could be even better. As for what those could entail, I'm not sure, just thought about it in the last couple of minutes. Early beta tests for bleeding-edge new apps maybe?"

    I'd also add to that, maybe some kind of hardware tech too? Micro USB hubs and a micro HDMI cable/other monitor interfaces for a convergence device? Some other kit? I know the user can buy these things themselves, but it's just an idea and wondering what you guys think about it.

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