Nexus 5 bugs December 2017

  • Hi! I just installed Ubuntu OS on Hammerhead. It works great, what a geat job!! I also discovered bugs:

    • Time showed at startup frozen with a different year (if offline)
    • I cannot record videos, the screen doesn't respond and can't display videos in file manager, even if they are recorded in memory ( !!)
    • At first startup, after setting up the phone, a demo shows we can swipe from right to left to see opened apps but the screen fades white and you cannot do anything else, except reboot the phone. (not very important I think).

    I regret there is no whatapp app or firefox app but I can see it's in progress ;)
    Everything works well for apps, all important apps are already installed (terminal, file manager and so on...)

  • @revoltevidente
    Probably WhatsApp will never come. Because it's an proprietary code and it's pure NSA spy software.
    So I can't see any reason, why using WhatsApp. Only because others don't care about their own life and like to be tracked by the US government?
    I never had that spy software and I really don't miss anything. There are so many ways for secure communication, why using WhatsApp?

  • @WLBI
    You are right, and also there is no shortage of spyware mobile OS: iOS, Android, Microsoft Mobile/phone...

  • Community

    I understand that WhatsApp is very popular. We get questions about it so often, in fact, that we covered it in our last community update!

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