Workshops at Locations

  • So now two points. I heard you @Flohack πŸ™‚
    But still let's have at least some topics people can look forward to πŸ˜‰

    The other part is where can we announce this also to involve more interested people?

    And I am looking forward to it!

  • @twinkybot I found an easy way to bring the BQ to the UNIX laptop screen to show something live; see the fotos. A small VGA cam is "mounted" into a lamp over the BQ.

  • @twinkybot Yes it's. The project is very young. And it doesn't have anyone expert on front-end working on it. All contributions on that area are welcome.

    Michael Hall (project developer), is saying that he will prioritize our requirements if we wish.

  • I'm really considering going to the Munich event. I'm not to far (currently in Brussels). However I don't speak German, I think I could only understand you guys in English, will this be ok with you?


    • I would like recommendations for an hotel.
    • besides being interested in learning more about development of and for Ubuntu touch, I'm a podcaster and I would love this opportunity to do some inside coverage of the event. Will you guys be also ok with this?

  • I would appreciate the opportunity to practice my English. It would be surprising for me, if someone here disagreed with doing it in English...(?)
    What does the last point mean exactly?

  • @hummlbach Possibly I would do some recording of us working, ideally some interviews or chats within the group.

    Off-course nothing private and or personal would ever be published. And nothing would ever be recorded on any instance without all attendees be informed and authorize.

    The idea is to create content that shows we're at work, people specifically developers are interested on it and others that are undecided could know that we as a community will be there for them, and also that Ubuntu Touch is not dead (some people still think it's).

  • @diogo I do not mind speaking english πŸ™‚
    As for Hotels there is a huge variety. If you want something cheap then I'd suggest the Euro Youth Hostel which is really nice. At least the bar πŸ™‚ ant located at the city center.
    Next to my office there is an hote which is a standard one. But I forgot the name. Sorry this is my extend of knowledge.

    For recording I have nothing against.

  • @twinkybot I'm not interested on a very cheap Hotel, I prefer a mix of comfort, clean, and being near the places I need to be. The price should not be to high but I'm not looking for the cheapest...

  • I've seen there is a holiday inn express not far away. Perhaps that is what you referring to twinkybot? What about checking all in to the same hotel and having breakfast together? πŸ™‚

  • @hummlbach @Diogo Yes the Holiday Inn Express it is.
    Friedenheimer BrΓΌcke 15.
    It is 2 mins from my office πŸ™‚ and nice. Our employees who come to visit are mostly staying there. Didn't hear of no complaints.

  • All in all our office is with the metro 3 stations from the main station. So very close to the city center if you want to do some sight seeing.

  • Should try to plan something for Scale in CA next month.

  • Hi all,

    everyone ready? For the upcoming meeting the next weekend?
    @Flohack Are you able to join now?

    How many people are now coming?


  • @twinkybot Sry I am in Spain for work 😞

  • I'll be there. Hotel not booked yet, but the train (from stuttgart) is fixed. πŸ™‚ @Jan: Hope you'll be there to point us to the right direction and places where to implement things...

  • I'm going to attend, looking forward to it ( :
    If you are interested, I can do a small presentation/introduction to PyOtherSide and how to use it to create apps for Ubuntu phone.

  • Hey guys,

    awesome to see so much interest in a local event, big thank you to @twinkybot for setting this up! As promised, I will join as well. Unfortunately I have a thing Saturday evening, so I'll have to leave around 16:00. 😞 Sunday I'll be back!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • Hello,
    Suddenly, I can not make it to the meeting. It's a pity, but I have to take care of other important matters. Sorry 😞

  • It will also not be possible to me, a combination of work, transportation schedule, would make too expensive to be able to be there for a total of 24 hours (including a night).

    I hope next time I can go!
    Have fun!

  • So up to now I count 4 people, perhaps 5. Guys really, is that all? πŸ˜‰ Einstein212? jonius? doniks? Will you be there?

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