BQ Aquaris M10 FHD

  • If I buy a new BQ Aquaris M10 FHD(Android 5.1 Lollipop), will it run ubports?

  • Hi @ubuntushop,
    If you haven't already done, try to read this thread:
    Seems that a user is doing that, but have some issues using "Magic Dev tool". For that reason i have suggested to use the UBports installer. I have used it successfully on my BQ M10 FHD but to replace Ubuntu Touch by Canonical, not Android as in your case. I SUPPOSE should be the same things: it flashes/delete an existing OS replacing with another one.

  • Flashing can be a bitch, but if everything else fails you can flash it with Ubuntu version and then UBports flash should work just fine with: Install using system-image server

    M10 is pretty old tablet and not worth the 269€ price unless you get sweat deal of it. 100€ would be justified.


  • When I flushed mine I had no luck with the magic device tool, but in saying that it did work nice and sweet with my E5. I also had no luck with the UBPorts installer. So in the end I gave installing from the server and that worked sweet as a nut. No issues what so ever this way and worked first time. Personally I would only use this method again if I was to do my other two M10''s.

    Yes it is a bit old now but for me it still does what I want it to and works great with UBPORTS. Have you had a look on ebay to see if you can get one slightly cheager?

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