webapp for dropbox

  • Well after moving to ubports, the old dropbox app seems to stop working. Thanks to rocco we have a new webapp for dropbox and working like a charm. Thanks mate.

    App can be found in openstore called UBdbox.

  • I have always found it hard to understand why people use DropBox when there are so may other ones out there that offer so much more. I personally use Mega which gives up to 50g free and works on all the os's that I use.

  • @UKPhil

    Everyone has their own requirements in a service. Perhaps their company offers a Dropbox account because they need to keep all their stuff in sync. Choice and competition are always good.

  • Brilliant news that this has been improved. Thanks to rocco

    As detailed above. My work means having to access dropbox. Dont like it but like having to use Outlook Web Access (yuk!) I dont get a choice. Dont like outlook but the org does.

  • If you like, add that this is just for those that could not yet switch to a truly free alternative, like e.g. syncthing.

  • @bq4-5 Thanks to all. Really. This is only a webapp but I'm studying to develop true apps. I'm an android developer and finally I found, as ubuntu user, in UBports a fresh air in the smartphone world. Thanks a lot

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