how do you enable developer mode

  • I would like to use back up my Nexus 5 that is running Ubuntu Touch 15.04. I have tried using the magic-device-tool, but it keeps saying there is no device detected. I have seen references to putting the device into "developer mode", but I don't know what that means. Does anyone else know how to put the device into developer mode?

    I have also tried adb backup -all while in recovery mode, but the backup had 0 byte file size.


  • @JoeBeach Go to system settings, then About (second from botton), and Developer mode is second from bottom.

  • @Lakota Thank you! I still ended up hitting a road block because my phone doesn't have an SD card (no port available for it) and MDT backup expects that. At some point, I'll check to see if it can use a OTG-connected USB flash drive. I'm a little surprised it can't back up to my laptop's hard drive.

  • @joebeach you can, if you install an ssh server on your desktop and open the firewall. Then, in the mdt menu you can change the backup mode.

    I even dont bother with my PC but instead back up to my cloud server 😉


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