Ubuntu Touch on a normal (Flyme) Meizu Mx4?

  • That's the question. I want to try install UT on my Mx4, but I don't know if its possible. I'm looking for the answer but I can't find it. Someone did it? And if yes, I have to unlock bootloader to do it? Or its enough follow the tutorial on this page whitout unlock bootloader?


  • @ivantovari Yes you need to unlock the bootloader first.
    I've seen it running on old Canonical image, but it was a while ago and it requires a workaround. Search on XDA website or Meizufans.eu for more info.

  • @ivantovari Think it needs to be the orginal Ubuntu touch first before ubports touch if thats what you were planning.

  • I think so too, but the information is no clear. In the devices list on Ubports just sais "Mx4", no more request. My Mx4 is a normal Mx4, not Ubuntu Edition. I just find people saying that it isn't possible two years ago, but nothing now.

  • @ivantovari I posted mx4 flash under the support section on the 3/07 this year there is info in that post that might help. You will need to use the SP flash tool I think if it can be done. I put flyme on my Ubuntu mx4 and wanted to move back but have decided to keep Flyme instead.
    The advice was to go back to Ubuntu touch then ubports due to something in the Flyme system. Not sure if it can be done on a Flyme only mx4 but would have thought there should be away to do it.
    There where post on the Ubuntu forums about this but I think they've been moved. Look up SP flash tool and see if that helps as suggested on the milieu, git hub or xda forums. Sorry cant help further, but good luck.
    Just rechecked the instructions came from uniboxsuperuser, it has all the links in it.

  • @ivantovari Look up on Chinese Flyme forum or Meizufans.eu
    I've seen people talked about it and they managed to flash UT on Android version of MX4.

  • I read a lot this days, and seems that Android version of Mx4 have the preloader locked. Unlock Bootloader and use SP flash tool is not enough, because we can't acces to the partitions. But the information is from last year, people saying they are so close to do it. But in this year I don't see information yet.

    PS: Meizufans.eu doesn't work fine to me, I don't know why, but I see so few topics in the forum, and when I search in a Browser, the links of forum send me to another link.

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