Now more than before Patreon vs. Liberapay

  • Hello,

    after getting the mail from Patreon about their fee increase and also their prominent linkage to facebook which in itself already is appaling.

    How important is Patreon for this project's survival?

    I'd love to move to liberapay but I would hate it if it looks on the first glance that Ubports looses support.

    What do all of you think?

    Personally and foremost in regards e.g. of the first sentences how Ubports advertises itself by giving freedom etc. I would make Liberapay the first donation page and promote it much more.

  • And to be frank this Bonus system on Patreon didn't work very well for UBPorts. Or maybe for me only. Maybe I fell into disgrace somehow 😃
    Anyways. I just saw we are still above 2,5k on Patreon so I moved to Liberapay.

  • I also think about switching

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