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  • @marc_aurel I don't know the plan exactly. Are you in the Telegram SuperGroup? There you'll have more chances to get a good answer.


  • @advocatux Thanks for the hint. Therefore I'm very interested in any community event. Learning by offline communication is sometimes much more efficient. I think of a custom UX for the launcher level of the OS, because my company is looking for a platform for a roadmap of connected end user devices. We may start with a smart phone, but the main product will go byond the current eevice categories. The platform should provide the customization of an adaptive UX for a convergence experience and a new concept of UI. So we would like to customize the UX onf the launcher level of the OS. I'm not sure, wether this is the appropriate expression for UBPorts. It seems, that Scopes are the outdated concept for this launcher level. With launcher level I mean system wide, not app specific UI, the in cludes usually, how apss are called, how notifications are shown or how the user can search across the system. The core concepts of available operation system are rahter similar. It's time for innovation.

  • @marc_aurel I've forwarded your post to some UX & Graphics guys, let's wait for a better answer that the one I could give you 🙂

    Edit: I've received this answer

    UBports is focusing at core of the system itself. It's still very unclear the future of the UI, whether we are going to stick to the current Suru, or move to new UI aspects of Ubuntu. Now it depends on scopes. We don't know if to support them or to remove them.
    Also 16.04 brings some new aspects.
    Now, that's mostly a Unity8 problem. But, it's possible to add another (Desktop Environment?) to Ubuntu Touch with a lot of effort. If you open UT Tweak Tool > System > System Info, you'll see a hint that other DEs could be supported.

  • @marc_aurel a developer who really knows UT inside and out has told me that you aren't approaching the problem from the right angle. What you want to build is your own UI.

    You'll need to build a custom rootfs and that involves to maintain your own distribution on top of Halium. IE, like Plasma Mobile vs UT.

  • @advocatux Thanks very much for this hint. It's not a good news, but a very important one. I have hoped, that UT has a similar concept like the launcher for Android or Lipstick for Sailfish OS. A launcher is a very straight forward approach, because the developer is just implementing an app with a slightliy different manifest. Lipstick seems to be more flexible but it has a high level API either. Plasma Mobile seems to allow customization as well. The platform is attractive for me, because it supports - at least conceptually - a convergence UX. Unfortunately the community seems to be dead, while the UT community seems to be very lifely and the OS itself is working finde. This is very attractive to ship a product with UT. In their last blog entry, Purism described, that they has chosen another option for their pre-installed OS, it's Gnome mobile. But UT looks miles ahead according usability. My research will go on. I will defenetly attend a commity event to discuss my idea with developers.

  • @marc_aurel you're welcome, if you find something interesting in your research don't forget to share it in this forum 🙂

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