Lg nexus 5 won't come on

  • I would like to install ubports on a Nexus5 (android) which i have had for a while but it refuses to do anything when i try to switch it on . i'm sure it's not the battery ?

    Any ideas ?

  • @zx81 Broken power button might be culprit. It's a common issue on N5.

  • Yes, the power button is shitty.. Sometimes, I press it once and the screens appears and disappears.. It's like I press it twice..

  • Tried it over and over still nothing . i'll open it up and have a look inside (probably not a lot to see anyway)

    thanks for info

  • @zx81 I have repleaced the power button, but it's a horrible fiddly job. Better to get it fixed @ mobileservice somwhere. The power button can be bought on Ebay for couple of pouds/euros/dollars

  • Yes just had a look and thought it looks a fiddly job (it's so tiny) . i'll take a look on ebay and i might just give it a go ?

  • @zx81 it probably is the power button, mine at times only works on the bottom half of switch other times nothing happens for a few seconds. just an aside you say its not the battery. when you connect it to the charger do you see a battery graphic appear at all even for a few seconds. If not it might well be the battery.

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