Cannot receive group texts

  • I am unable to receive group texts... except if I send a group text, I can receive replies to that group text, even if I delete the text thread.

    I can successfully send/receive MMS.

    Can anyone help?

    I have a Nexus 5 running Ubuntu 15.04 (r280). My carrier is AT&T prepaid.

    I do not experience this issue if I switch the SIM card into my old Android phone, so I don't think it is a carrier issue.

  • I also can't receive MMS, on Nexus 4. I don't know if works sending or not.

  • i am running nexus 5. I too cannot receive group mms. I send and they go to everyone as sms. I can receive picture messages.

  • @jockert I would start by checking your MMS settings are correct with your provider in System Settings, Mobile, APN. There where these two issues open last year so you may want to check on those also. If after checking this and the bug reports you do not fix it I would open a new issue in the support section as this thread is a year old now and there are more recent threads on the forum.
    I will lock this one now so please check everything then start a new thread if needed.

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