High battery drain- Nexus 4

  • @guru But what kind of process is it and why should't be present in top?

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    @guru But what kind of process is it and why should't be present in top?

    I do not know and I do not have it. But it consumes a lot of CPU time (1h27min) and if you google for it, it is mentioned together with battery drain.

  • @guru I have searched the web, have a look at this link text. So it seems that mpdecision process is actually an integral part of qualcomm processors and is in charge of...smaller battery consumption haha. So if permanent killing of this process would be possible it would even decrease the battery life. It is not right diagnose of what makes my battery lasts so quick. Any other idea?

  • OK, for those who also have a problem with high battery drain in their Nexus 4. I realized a few times that my phone drops a 3G connection for a while and quickly catch it back. Yesterday I switched a connection type completely to 2G. After this the battery went down during the night in percentage from 90 to 70. When it was set to 3G it usually used to lose over 50% during the night. So it seems that this is a point. A 3G connection drains my battery much more than other OSes. In 3G mode this phone battery under Lineage OS used to last within more than 1 day of quite intensive usage. Under UT in 3G mode it lasts within 12 hours of small-average usage. I do not know what is the time of battery life in 2G mode under Lineage OS as I had no reason to test it. So for the moment I'm going to use 2G connection most of the time and switch to 3G in case of need of faster internet connection.

  • Can you try to make your analysis again, we changed the ping interval for the push service, hoping to take off load from all phones 😉


  • @flohack Yes I can :). I will charge my phone to 100% when I'm back home, switch to 3G and will see.

  • Ok, it seems that after the changes the battery loses energy slower than previously but still much faster than with 2G mode. Anyway I have a problem with constant 3G connection. It drops a connection and recover and again and again. I have a second phone next to me and have no connectivity issue so this is not my provider issue. Only on this phone with UT. One more matter makes me unhappy using UT now. I was surprised at first that there exists a Signal app for UT which i've been using for quite a long time already. I think this is more safe and secure than Telegram, not mentioning whattsap etc. Today I realized that with UT signal app I can't make voice calls as it is possible with android version of app. I need this app to be in touch with a person important to me so without this feature I can not use Ubuntu as my daily phone :(. What a pity because I like the idea of this OS. Keep doing good job. Thanks for support and bye for now.

  • @cheniek Hi again. I wanted to use something as open sourced as possible on my phone but have actually no choice for the moment due to the issues described earlier (also in other threat- Signal/Telegram apps) :(. I've moved with my nexus 4 to the stock android OS provided with this phone. Just in a comparison matter- I fully charged the battery on Wednesday late evening. I have still 47% of battery left with similar intensiveness of usage in comparison to UT... It is much much longer that what I could achieve with UT and even Lineage OS. I hope to have a possibility to use Ubuntu or other open sourced OS in the future on my main phone. Now it is impossible...

  • Just a remark, cheniek. I use my BQ E4.5 Ubuntu phone since March 2015 as the daily only mobile device. Same is true (only a year or so later) for my wife (who is by no way a computer expert) and my 12 years old son.

  • @guru ...and great! I wish I could use it as well as my daily phone. I do not like to repeat myself so please just read what I have written above. I've nowhere written that there is no possibility to use this OS on a daily phone isn't it? Only I stated above and gave my arguments to this it is not suitable for me as a main OS on daily phone. Wish You all the best!