where BT files go?

  • I used "bluetooth file transfer" to receive a file... now if I switch to "file manager" i can't find the file that i just received.
    The bluetooth file transfer does not give me options to move, copy, etc... hence I wanted to use "file manager"

    Anyone knows where is the folder?

  • I think there are some limitation here.
    As soon it's download and the popup appear you need to save them, otherwise there are lost in the space.
    Somebody can confirm that ?

  • @ernest

    Ty for your reply...I tried, but the only option that I have are: delete, and if I click on the file gives me the option "open with" but the only app that appears for the option is "openstore"

  • @cromiumlake

    Well...I found a way, using file manager:
    Enable "full access"
    Enable "hidden files"

    then go to:

    The file are inside that folder 😃
    Not lost in the sapce, but well hidden in the space

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