French Canadian Keyboard

  • Hi,

    There really is no rush for this but it would be nice to have a French Canadian keyboard on UT. I understand that we are not a big potential user base like France or Germany but we do use a different keyboard. France uses AZERTY, French Switzerland uses QWERTZ and we use QWERTY. There is over 7 million people in Canada speaking french and using this layout:

    0_1515514956200_French Canadian keyboard.jpeg

    I would do it but unfortunately I don't know how to code, yet. A QWERTY keyboard with french suggestions of words and french autocorrect and spell check would do the trick for me.


  • I'm also interested in an italian(it) keyboard...I'm really interested in some documentation/howto about make custom keyboard and Dictionary

  • Hi!

    yes this is possible: Basically we need some new files as shown in this pull request: - then we can add a new keyboard.

    BR Florian

  • @flohack Thx!

    So should I write a request on Github or is this considered a request? What kind of help or files can I provide?

    (quite a beginner at this)

  • @jsnjhn Well you can file an issue on Github, but we need someone who does actually do the work 😉 - You would need to install git on your machine, and you need a Github account too... I did not work on the keyboard at all, but maybe someone else can make a small writeup in which order these things should be done...


  • @flohack
    Okay thanks, I guess for now I'll stick to foreign keyboard as it is not a priority. It's better to focus on other areas of UT.

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