how to copy phrase from "messaging"?

  • When I receive a SMS sometimes I want to copy part of the message into another program...but I can't find a way to copy anything from a message 😕
    Am I missing a trick here?
    How do you do it?

  • The way I do it is to choose to forward that message and then, when the message can be edited, I can select text.

    The same is with text from a note: if I want to select text, I have to click to edit the note.

  • When you are in "messaging," touch and hold your finger on the message that you want to copy, and slide your finger to the left, and a copy button will appear.

    By the way, if you slide your finger to the right, a trash-can/delete button appears.

    Sliding things seems to be a common way to reveal more functionality in Ubuntu Touch.

  • Correct. That is for copying the whole message to clipboard.

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