Xenial UI constantly freezing at least on MX4

  • Hello,
    is there anyone running Ubuntu 16.04 on their legacy device or who would be willing to give it a go just to test this issue: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/434?

    I am using MX4 and am experiencing constant UI freezes while using the phone, as described in the bug report. And I wonder if it is just me or if this is a MX4 issue or even a wider one.

    If you can confirm that please add your comment to the respective ticket on GitHub to confirm it.

    Thank you

  • Any news on using xenial with mx4? i know xenial is not ready for daily use, but i think about switch my device to 16.04

  • @einstein212 Hi, I think it's better to start a new thread than to rescue and old post, and as you can see in the bug report linked that problem is solved now 😉

    Anyway I don't have an MX4 but I'm running 16.04 in a BQ E4.5 for testing purposes and I can tell you is far from being ready as a daily driver. It's not only the OS under heavy development, it's also that most apps must be recompiled for 16.04.

  • @zubozrout There is freezing of UI and reboots/Unity 8 restarts on most devices, but I have reflashed mine Pro 5 and it got much , much bettter. So you may try that if it helps. No wiping, just reflash it over, no data loss. (but make a backup of your files, just in case)

  • @advocatux Thanks for your report. So i will wait...

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