Long time till stand by and problem with the front camera

  • Hi,

    I bought a new fairphone 2 and installed ubPorts 15.04 r3.
    If I push the shutdown button (for a short time) the device need round about 2 seconds till it goes into shutdown mode. Why is there this delay? That can't be an intention.

    A second problem is the front camera. I see my self on the head. That's really funny. :) But how can I fix this problem?


    Sorry for spelling mistakes. Endlisch is not my greatest talent. ;)

  • @vossi

    For the camera, you have to wait for next update 16.04 OTA 4 because it's the known issue #370

  • @libremax
    Thank you for the information. :)
    I fixed my stand by problem with two or three restarts. Now it works.

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