What would you recommend for codecs and containers for video on UT?

  • As it asks in the title:
    What would you recommend for codecs and containers for video on UT devices?
    I generally use x264 video and AAC audio in an MKV container and resize the video to match the screen resolution of the device using ffmpeg.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

  • I have been doing some transcodes to help someone out and am able to play the video OK on my Pro5. Strangely my day to day transcodes of recorded TV shows using similar parameters don't work in UT.
    Are there some guidelines anywhere about what codecs, containers and bitrates are acceptable for the UT video player.
    Is an MKV container not compatible as that's what I usually use?
    I was sure that I had tried videos in MKV containers before in UT but could be mistaken.

  • @halucigenia I have a couple of videos ripped from DVD to mkv using handbrake that play on my M10 tablet. I also have another ripped to m4v which also plays.

  • @dtarrant I will have to check the parameters for my MKV TV transcodes and tweak them to see if I can get them working in UT then. I usually view them in SMplayer, Mythtv or Kodi and they play fine in those apps.

  • I have tried some files in UTmedia player with some success for ones which don't play in the standard UT video player.
    Still investigating - I may be some time...

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