Notes the evrynote client for Ubunt touch

  • Hello everybody
    first some things about OTA 3 on my BQ E5. No new Functions but everything seem running more stable and smarter and quicker. So sorry that there are no new function for this Phone but the job you do is realy realy good!

    I'm running Notes the client supporting evrynote and I use it also on my Job when I'm visiting my clients. I'm Projektmanager. IT works fantastic good but it is not on Open Store neither on the Ubuntu Store. It seems to be a development ( coreapp) of Canoniclal. Can you do something to get it in Open Store? who are the developers behind this app?

  • @tobisch I've been trying to get the builders of Get-Notes - my preferred note app, which I use all the time on the desktop - to build a version for touch. They say their experience lies with desktop apps though...

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