MX4 Ubuntu Edition

  • Hello, the phone above as a secondary phone. It runs 15.04. The (old) app store no longer works on it and i haven't been unsuccessfully getting open store installed on the phone. I would like to upgrade the OS to what ever the latest the UBports community using. Sorry if this is a basic question, but can anyone help me out?


  • @arexler22 Hi, Not sure but are you still on Ubuntu touch or Ubports touch?. In the about phone settings, under about look at OS if it says (r501) I think then your still on the original Ubuntu.
    To install ubports download the ubports installer (from Ubports website) follow the instructions and when installed you will have the latest Ubports and the open app store will have been installed as well.

  • under "about this device" it says, OS: Ubuntu 15.04 (OTA-15)

    EDIT: I have the UBports installer running and it is asking me to reboot to bootloader. I am following the instructings, and the phone says it is entering fastboot and the initial screen, then it doesn't and switches to normal boot on its own. Is there any way to reboot in bootloader mode from the terminal?

  • @arexler22 Firstly please double check developer mode is on if not put it on and try again.( very bottom of About section). You can manually put the device into fastboot by restarting it holding the power button and volume down buttons at the same time(fastboot appears in small text bottom left of screen).
    You could also try the Magic Device Tool (dev version) if it still supports ubports.This worked for me when putting ubports on my mx4 a few weeks ago. If not it may still be able to unlock your bootloader (OEM unlock).
    Also have a look at the last two posts by Marathon2422 under the thread Install UBports in an Aquarius 10 etc in the support section. That script might help but change the word frieze to arale and devel to stable. You will also need to install ADB and fastboot on your PC / laptop first. There are plenty of instructions out there. Search this forum or the net. When thats done run

    sudo bootloader OEM unlock

    and carry on from there.
    Sorry if this is very confusing but you will get there in the end.

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