M10 FHD Wifi not autoconnecting when booted (Ota 3)

  • Wifi is on and shows networks, but doesn't auto connect.

    Are others experiencing this problem and is there fix coming?

  • I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 (2018-W48) - as well as older versions.
    every time M10 FHD is booted the

    • password for WiFi has to be entered again
      so you will get an additional networks like GAST, GAST1, Gast2 ...
    • WiFi adress (MAC) has changed
    • Bluetooth adress is unchanged
      Also for my M10 the Serial 0123456789ABCDEF is displayed - that not true!
      And: It is not possible to connect the M10 via HDMI with an monitor.
      So I think there is are problems with all I/Os.

  • I have this device.
    Sounds like an android problem,which does not show up well in Ubuntu/ubports
    if you used flash tool, you have nvram error 0x10.
    you could try this fix.
    xxx.skyneel.com , then,search for "nvram".
    flash the fix with twrp.
    if that fixes it ..good
    or it was not that.

    if it fixes it , it stays thru OTA updates,
    if switch rc/ dev / stable ,or roms, you need to keep it to reflash.

  • To bring it to an end.
    I contacted BQ several times and pointed out the problems:

    1. M10 does not restore the wireless connection after a reboot.
    2. the MAC address is changed after each restart.
      BQ has always pointed to the possibility of reinstalling the firmware (see the homepage of BQ). Several times I have reported to BQ that I have done exactly that but the error was not corrected. I also asked for a repair the instrument.
      BQ did not respond to my questions at all. Either BQ is not able to offer a solution, or does not worry about the Ubuntu devices (BQ does not offer devices with Linux any longer).
      I think: The BQ service does not understand the problem or is aware of it and tries to get rid of this questioner. The only alternative to repair the M10 was an offer about M10-HD with OTA-9.5, 20160215,018653 (150 €). To install Ubuntu Touch on such an instrument you first have to flash the (much newer firmware) cooler-image-stable-6. ATTENTION! IF YOU LATER CHANGE TO ANDROID, WIFI IS CONNECTED AFTER RESTART. IF YOU THEN TRY TO RETURN TO COOLER-IMAGE-STABLE-6 or UBUNTU TOUCH, WIFI WILL NEVER CONNECTED AFTER A RESTART AGAIN IF YOU DO NOT USE ANDROID! But who wants to use Android, if he has bought the M10 Ubuntu Edition.
      My advice: If a BQ M10 does not connect to Wi-Fi after a reboot: Forget the BQ service! Do not shut down the device / WLAN. Simply switch to stand by mode. The accu of a M10 is quite good and will last 2-3 days afer charging to 90%. Forget BQ if you want to use Linux - or need service.
      I can not say anything about the problems that were reportet abaut other Linux devices. With a fairphone2 I have no problems using ubuntu touch.

  • @emailforfor just for the record, BQ was acquired by a Vietnamese company (Vingroup) at the end of last year. Probably that's a big reason why they don't care about old products anymore.

    This was the official PR note: https://www.bq.com/en/pr-vingroup

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