Lock screen information update

  • I have noticed that the information on my lock screen (Telegram messages sent and received) is not being updated correctly. Should the numbers presented show all messages sent and received over the day on all devices? I use Telegram on my three phones and laptop during the day. The Lock screen information is only showing numbers for the UBPorts phone, not the correct total across all devices.

    Is the Lock screen information not able to collect a total of all from the chat windows to give a more accurate representation of the totals?

  • @ukphil from what I know, each app on UT has to send the metrics to the lock screen. So, the lock screen doesn't collect message counts across devices.

    i.e. When you press send on the device, it probably says to update the count somewhere in the Telegram-app code, rather than the data being pulled from the telegram server, which I'm not sure even counts your messages.

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