Help!, UB recovery, what opción select? Oneplus one

  • hello, I am trying to install UT on OnePlus One 64Gb, with the UBport.exe app from Win7, but I get to where the app in W7 indicates that it is waiting for the device to enter "recoverymode", at the same time the cell phone shows the UB Recovery screen, but I do not know which option to select so that the installation continues and finishes successfully.

    I clarify that I can navigate through the options of the UB recovery, also that I have selected "Reboot system", but the time passes and the installer does not finish and the phone does not pass the screen of the logo 1+, also that the app in W7 keeps showing that it is waiting for the cell phone to enter into recovery mode; so the cell phone is already indicating that it is in UB recovery; I appreciate your help.


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