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about spying lol, man your government, your provider, anything that is connected to the net is spied on some how or the other, so just spare me the gibberish spy song. Want to stay safe from spying, just avoid internet.

You are right. We live in a connected world. This is great and has a lot of opportunities but also threats. So unfortunately we have to get used to the fact that there is less native privacy from day to day BUT...
...it is also a question of the personal attitude. What I want to say is that on some point it has to start even if this start has not the immediate potential to safe the world.

So if now we have the opportunity to develop an alternative mobile OS we should be carefully aware about those general conditions.

At this point: A big THANK YOU to the UBports pioneers @mariogrip @NeoTheThird and Dalton Durst! (edited) And of course @Flohack...

Maybe the following is going too far for this discussion but anyway let me write this thought:
Out of a broader perspective I personally believe that privacy is one of the main preconditions for democratic and peaceful societies.
Only if we as citizens have the possibility to discuss controversial topics without fearing to be blamed by the officials and elites because of not stating the "universal trouth" with every sentence, we get better and beeter in understanding the complex world. This is due to someone who can identify and articulate the mistakes in our statements again without fearing to be blamed.
This personal understanding will than be the basis for our voting behaviour. So iteratively we - and so our systems - will get better and better.