I noticed quite a lot of progress made with porting the Lenovo X606 tablet. I currently have a Volla phone daily driver and have a de-googled Lenovo X606-F Tablet for general web surfing, hoping to install UT when waydroid is very usable. Its currently my only remaining android device and there are a few android apps I rely on so waydroid is a big factor in when I switch. I'd definitely love to switch to UT at some point.

I bought the Lenovo X606F new in last years black Friday sales for 150 GBP and have been very pleased with the quality, especially the very clear screen and battery life. They seem to typically sell for around 200 GBP new .

This is not a request for more progress on the Lenovo X606F or waydroid. I greatly appreciate the hard work being done. I just thought it was worth saying in my opinion it would be great value-for-money choice as a UT tablet and I believe the porting is fairly complete so this could be a great way forward once it has installer support.