@demokrit said in Simulating a "Ubports" 16.04 on x86 hardware (or VM) - work in progress: mhhmm ... when you say Unity 7 + X11 you mean .... without mir .... so which UT apps run without mir .... maybe I'm not understanding you right. I meant that i build some apps that are currently only packaged as clicks for the phone from source in an 16.04.3 x86_64 on unity7 atop X11 As of yet i could successfully build and start OpenStore, Clock-App and InstantFX I'm really surprised! I was quite convinced that a UT "phone" app, ie, an app developed and built against the ubuntu sdk would require mir. But you the way you describe it you have these apps running on 16.04, unity 7, ie, X! This is really blowing my mind. I guess they work since they rely on Qt which also works on X11 not only on mir but i don't really know that stuff. Seems like. I'm really, really surprised. Ah one more thing; i tried building locally with Yunit installed and interestingly there seems to be a Problem with mir so i cannot start the OpenStore (the irony is somewhat bugging me). Haven't tried with another App, i will report as soon as there is more news. Strange indeed. Do you have the error still at hand?