@kalli said in Porting MI A2 with UBports Installer:

Hi @phandersson
What is the issue you are having?

I described them here:

Mine was that the PC didn't detect the phone when connected with the USB cable. Then I installed adb on my win10 pc and could unlock it.

Yes, I also had to switch PC. I started on a Lenovo P53 laptop, but that one was also unable to communicate successfully with the phone. I then switched to an old custom-built desktop, and that one communicates fine (openSUSE Leap in both cases).

After that I installed UBT using the ubports-installer_0.8.8-beta_win. The first time installation failed. I repeated but then it installed all the way to the end.

I used the same version of the installer (the linux build, obviously), but I'm facing a "permission denied" error when the installer attempts to create a new folder on the device.