@jujubala1997 said in Help the community:

Where do I start? What are barriers that impede UT from spreading? What should I learn in software to help the community?

Depends your area of interest and confort : community, system, porting, coding, Art etc... and you don't even need to be good or educated in that field, like me 🙂 just learning by tweaking.

Python wise they are several possibilities :

full applications : https://github.com/ernesst/ActivityTracker Wrapper : https://framagit.org/ernesst/MLS-for-Utouch / https://framagit.org/ernesst/gps-utouch-tracker

Python get integrated into QML via : https://github.com/thp/pyotherside

A very nice python lib would be great to integrate into Utouch : https://github.com/owncloud/pyocclient for Nextcloud/Owncloud.

Welcome in the community.