@danfro said in Improve system settings disk usage analyzer: So, finally testing this on my phone. Very nice! A few things to think about: we should move storage to a separate point in the main screen (has been said here before I think) An idea was to put an app icon in the homepage that would open a page with the app list (no bar for the whole storage), and leave the Storage page under About with only the global storage bar and its categories and a button to "Manage Apps". Idk If this could be implemented easily but I think it would be the cleanest thing to do. could the buttons be made wider? Then only the label is going to change. The buttons changing size looks "dizzy". The issue is that with different languages, button gets different sizes so I can't know which length is enough... I can put a hidden button with the wider text and take the width from it, but it seems a bit hackish... What about a small animation when it changes the width? Otherwise the size can be put outside the button... I am not sure if we need to paint a "refreshing list" somehow after clearing something. I cleared the cache of one app and it disappeared. Panic. After thinking for a second, sure it moved down the list. But I guess users are always wary when deleting things. Oh you mean an animation for the listitem going down? I hope it could be done. I am afraid the model is resetting itself completely and so the ListView doesn't know anymore the index of the app before the cleaning... I'll try to make it happen when multiselecting, I like how the apps are listed at the bottom. But here could we maybe rename the button to "proceed" or so? Then the user does not need to worry about what is going to be deleted but will expect another prompt/choice (that is coming after pressing the button). Yeah, I was afraid of that. Initially I put "Clear..." that usually indicates that the action is not immediate but a dialog would open instead, but then the button gets too longer imho and there is fewer space for the app list... An icon could not be very clear but maybe I'm wrong... the multiselect dialog could do with a space between the "Which type of data..." and the list of apps. Or maybe place them in brackets? "... selected apps (list of apps)?" Sure, some space would improve readability if nothing is selected in expanded view, tapping on the (disabled) "clear" button does collapse the view. That feels not natural? Maybe do nothing there? Ah ofc. Since the button is disabled the tap event is propagated to the ListItem which then collapses... I can put a MouseArea over the button that, when the button is disabled, stops the event from propagating to the ListItem Just some thoughts. Maybe too nutpicking. No real need to change things. More suggestions if others feel the same, then we can think about it. No, I'm very pleased to hear such detailed suggestions! Since the core functionality are there, now it's time to do this little graphic improvements If I discover more, I will come back. Enjoying it now I am... Great! Next time if you tag me in the message I'll get notified and reply you sooner