@BlueKenny Sorry for the late reply : too busy. @BlueKenny said in uText [ Help / Devel ]: if you click on 'Save' so you can open as many file you want without modify it Ok if you think it's not too much useful @BlueKenny said in uText [ Help / Devel ]: swipe from this border Ok it missed the morning coffee for me ! I couldn't do it this morning even if i saw your explanation @BlueKenny said in uText [ Help / Devel ]: no possibility to go back to the first page Ok.. To your last point, for my part, i don't like to much work with several files open at the same time. It's only my opinion. If you do it we must have the possibility to save a file or to exit a file when you want. But your app can be very scalable : maybe will open (so as to work on them) various file formats in the future... ?