Goolgle account issues?

  • Hi just to check if anyone else has this issue. Was away from home using different wifi this raised the normal Google security issues about unrecognized devices login. Did normal yes it's me thing on security page at Google and forgot about it. Now Dekko2 has stopped sending receiving email and I can't get it back. I'm on the dev channel have switched back to stable and nothing. This is accross all devices so think it must be Google security issue. Doesanyone know if anything has changed here recently to upset the Google types. None of my devices now show up in the list of recent devices on Google. Thanks

  • @lakota Think I've sorted it. For anyone else don't use two step verification on your Google accounts if you want dekko2 to work. I had forgotten I'd turned it on while away. I'm not at all skilled in the techy side so don't know why it messed up dekko2 but it did and now it doesn't.

  • @lakota you don't need to stop using 2FA globally in your Google account. For the kind of application that don't support it, like Dekko2 yet, you've to follow this easy steps: go to and turn on Allow less secure apps.

    That's all.

  • @advocatux It was already turned on. Seems it is just something to do with the two step thing. I turned it on ages ago to get dekko2 working when it first came out.

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