how to make launchpad sources .click?

  • Hello
    I get some source files from a launchpad and I'd like to make it a .click
    so I can test on my UT.

    Here is for example what I wish to make clickable

    Do you know how to do it directly on my ubuntu 17.10?

    thank you very much

  • @advocatux
    thanks... it works but on some sources I have installation errors on my NEXUS 5

    I installed the scopes of news (canonical sources) and it works perfectly. But on other scopes I always have the same mistake. Does it come from sources?

    "fatal error : /home/phablet/Donwloads/
    WARNING : root:Signature check Failed, but installing......
    Cannot install : /home/phablet/Donwloads/"

    does anyone know how to install my packages without these errors because this makes several sources that I made "clickable" that have this installation problem on my terminal.
    thanks in advance..

  • @hudson you should join the OpenStore Telegram Group to help you

    Anyway, how are you trying to install your .click packages? You should use this:

    pkcon --allow-untrusted install-local Downloads/

  • no I tried to install the packages with the utility UT TWEAK TOOL.

    If I do : pkcon --allow-trusted install-local Downloads/
    I have Error like that :
    Fatal error : ..... Cannot install ... Framework "FRAMEWORK" not present on system (use --force-missing-framework option to override)

    Ok but how do I install this framework .. what do I miss?

    if someone has an idea ... I thank him in advance!

  • @hudson when creating a new project, which framework did you choose?

    Also, you can try the solution that error message suggested (use the --force-missing-framework option too) but the relevant point is you have to know for which framework you are developing 😉

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