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  • Just wanted to say that I love the latest update to Telegram; different colours for unread and red and notification being removed if message is read on other devices. This in itself is such a masive improvement, cheers guys.

    One of the latest Telegram updates (on Andriod) now gives the ability to delete messages that you have sent to other people, from their screens too. This is such a good feature.

    Is there any plans to implement this into the Ubuntu version and also have a night view?

  • I thought this feature has been in the official android client at least for decades... ;) As Florian told in the last Ubuntu touch qna at 33:00, telegram will change its transport protocol and API(?). But fortunately they now will provide a library... So someone will have to do some work here... And perhaps you can delete messages when this work will have been done. Up to now I use the telegram web app whenever I need a feature not supported by the native app.

  • Infrastructure

    Yes its true this is missing, but I cannot just implement it, I would need to change the API version first. And that also introduces a lot of other changes. Telegram made the clever decision while new features are put into the API, old clients continue working, by specifying the API revision number during login. I can take a look where message deletion was introduced, if it is not too far away from our API level, mabye we can upgrade.

    For the Theme: I dont expect it to come to the old version, but the rewrite that @hummlbach mentioned could be a goal for that.


  • @flohack Thanks for all your work on Telegram.

  • @Flohack: Is the mentioned library already available, if not, did they give a date when it will be available?

  • Infrastructure

    @hummlbach Its already available and we are doing pretesting with it. So far looks good :) - See for more infos from their side ;)

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