Rotation on OnePlus One

  • Hello fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts!

    I am 30 minutes into having installed Ubuntu Touch on the OnePlus One that arrived in the mail today. Exciting times!

    My question may seem simple, is there a way to tell the device to auto rotate? For example, when watching a video from the web or (not there yet) watching a video in the built in media player?

    Proud to say I posted this from the device itself!

  • @arpi Hi In system settings second from top there is an auto rotation option. Is that turned on by any chance. It can also be accessed by pulling down the notification panel at the top of the phone screen.
    If its not that have a look at the bug reports incase its a opo issue only.
    Also welcome to ubports. If my suggestions don't help I'm sure there will very others along shortly. Have a good look round the forum and try the Telegram supergroup for mire help and advice.

  • Hi Dakota! Thanks for your reply.

    I see a «Rotation lock» option, but not an auto-rotate option. The device seems to behave the same way whether I have rotation lock enabled or disabled. 😞

  • @arpi I have a nexus5 and mx4 both screens auto rotate when the phone is turned. Search for opo screen issues and check out the bug reports, sorry but I have no direct experience of this issue.

  • @lakota

    Actually, once I workee up through courage to reboot, I rebooted and now rotation works great! Thank you for jumping in, it means a lot to get such quick community response!

  • @arpi Well done, should of thought of that one myself (bit early for my brain function😉). Enjoy ubports.

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